food tech setting agents NEA1

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  • setting agents of chilled desserts
    • ingredients
      • gelatine
      • egg whites
      • cornflour
      • whipped cream
    • methods
      • aerating
      • refrigerating
      • freezing
      • liquid nitrogen
    • types of cold desserts
      • panna cotta e.g. vanilla panna cotta
      • cheesecake e.g. New York cheesecake
      • crème caramel
      • crème brûlée
      • baked egg custard
      • mousses
      • tarts e.g. jam tarts, gypsy tarts
      • butterscotch pudding
      • shortcake
      • trifle
    • experiment ideas
      • I could test which the best  setting agents are, by using a range of different setting agents in a specific dessert.
      • I could see which amount of setting agent would be best for a specific dessert by having a control amount, and reducing or increasing the setting agent.
      • using one methods of setting a cold dessert with different setting agents to see whether the method affects the ability of the product to set the dessert.


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