Flooding in Bangladesh Case Study

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  • Flooding in Bangladesh Case Study
    • Growing popultion so they have to build on floodplains
    • Economy was effected 2.5 million farmers effected. 400 clothing factories were closed
    • 23.5 million were left homeless
    • Low lying land more than half of the country is 5m or less above sea level
    • Surface run off because the ground in the Himalayas is frozen
    • Disease and health problems mainly because water supplies were damaged
    • Roads, Railways and airports were damadged, 6500 bridges damaged and 11000 km of roads
    • Deforestation in Nepal
    • There are heavy monsoon rains from July onwards
    • over 1000 people died
    • Thawing snow in the Himalayas
    • Lack of flood management because its a LEDC


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