OCR SPEC A geography [Flooding in Bangladesh, Rivers]

Notes for the Bangladesh case study about river flooding



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River Case Study: LEDC ­ Flooding in Bangladesh, July ­ September

Where: Bangladesh (Asia).
When: July to September 1998.

Natural Causes;
Melting snow in the Himalayas adding water to the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers.
More than ½ of Bangladesh is 5m or less above sea level.
The country lies…

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Flooded latrines.
Floating bodies.
¼ million people got diarrhoea.
Crowded flood shelters helped spread diseases.

Relief ­ Getting supplies to people made difficult.
Roads and railways were cut.
Communication links down.
Main port of Chittagong closed to shipping for weeks.

Economy ­ The costs to Bangladesh's economy.
400 clothing factories…


Mr A Gibson


A longer answer question requires detail which is specific to the case study you are using to get to hit the level 3 criteria - this case study has exactly what you need if you are answering a question about flooding in an LEDC.

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