AQA Geography Rivers Case Study - Bangladesh

Case study on the flooding which affects Bangladesh especially the major floods in 1998 and the problems they caused. Physical causes, Human causes and Effects. 

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Bangladesh Flood: LEDC CASE STUDY
Bangladesh is an LEDC in Asia. It's surrounded by India on both sides and backs
onto the coast, the Indian ocean. It has a population of 125million inhabitants,
with a GNP of $200 a head which is one of the poorest in the world. Bangladesh
holds 3 of the most powerful rivers in the world ­ The Ganges, Meghna and
Hardly no rocks or raw material can be found in
Bangladesh and unfortunately it experiences
floods and tropical storms every year. The big
flood of 1998 caused many problems.
This is a clip showing the extent of the floods in
Physical Causes:
Most of Bangladesh is situated on a massive flood plain or delta
70% of the whole area is less than 1 metre above sea level.
10% of the land area is made up of lakes and rivers, the rest of the land is
on a flood plain or delta meaning that the whole of Bangladesh could be
easily flooded.

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Snow melting from the Himalayas takes place in late spring and summer
increasing river discharge.
Bangladesh experiences heavy monsoon rains over the highlands meaning
that after an increased period of time the soil will have infiltrated too much
water and the rain will have to run-off.
Tropical storms carry heavy rain and coastal flooding, causing increased
river discharge and infiltration.
A long period of heavy rain caused all 3 floods to overflow at the same time
causing mass flooding.…read more

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Diseases spread quickly because of bugs attracted to water biting people
and infecting them with bronchitis, cholera and diarrhea.
Many possessions were lost ­ ½ a million cattle and poultry along with 2
million tons of rice
The floods in 1998 cost $1 billion overall.
Bangladesh did many things to help its people and relief came from many
different countries too.
In the short term the victims were provided
Boats to rescue people
Emergency supplies ­ food, water, tents
and medicines.…read more


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