Flooding Case Studies

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Carlisle Floods 2005
Basic Facts
Population of 71,773
Confluence of river Eden
3 major floods in 4 years
High rainfall of 73% off Eden and low relief helped contribute to the flooding of
Carlisle in 2005, alongside the growth of population and urbanisation in the
area threat had increase spread into towns and villages in valley areas.
Primary Impacts
3 people died
120 injured
Communication affected
People stranded (air lifted away)
Secondary Impacts
3,000 people made homeless
40,000 homes without power
Extreme financial cost
3,000 jobs at risk
Short Term Response
News Warnings
Emergency services on standby
Long term response
Upstream management
Floods defences built and raised

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Bangladesh Floods 1998
Basic Information
Population of 120 million
4 rivers meet
Wet climate
Monsoon rains resulted in 3 rivers peaking at the same time on a flood plain
causing a flood. It had an increased effect because of the urbanisation and
deforestation in the area.…read more


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