Social policies within the family

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  • Families and households - Social policy
    • A policy established by the government which affects all of society
      • Abortion
      • Contraception
      • Maternity and paternity rights
      • Adoption and fostering
      • Marriage, cohabitation and divorce
      • Welfare state and benifits
    • Key social policies (Conservative) = should promote familial ideaogy THACHER AND MAJOR
      • Care in the community (1980's)
      • Child support agency
      • Married persons tax allowance
      • Social security act
    • Key policies (New labour) = promote progessive/liberal policies BLAIR AND BROWN
      • Working tax credit
      • Child tax credits
        • Civil partnerships
        • Adoption reform
      • Sure start
      • Functionalism
        • Social policy helps maintain consensus and ensures continuity of norms and values.
        • New right
          • Social policy should promote the nuclear family
          • State shouldn't be too over generous with benefits
        • Marxism
          • Favour policies that attempt to redistribute weath
          • Social policies maintain class inequalities, enable and perpetuate capitalism
        • Feminism
          • Favour policies that enable choice and freedom for women
          • Welfare state enables woen to get out of domestic violent relationshis due to the chance to become economicaly independent
    • Conservative/liberal democrat CAMERON AND CLEGG
      • Reduction of sure start funding
      • Reform of working and childrax credits
      • Reform o child benefit
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