social policy

social policy

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Social Policy
Direct vs. Indirect
The plans and actions of government agencies which affect
our lives. They are usually based on laws that most agencies
work within
Some social policies directly Some social policies indirectly
affect families eg. those affect families eg relating to
relating to divorce, abortion, compulsory schooling, welfare
child protection, rape in services, equal pay etc
marriage, etc How does Worksheet
the media reflect
or go against government policy
e.g. Programmes like Eastenders
And Super Nanny? My big Fat
Social Policy Gypsy Wedding? Wife Swap? Adverts?

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The effect of Family Policies
Donzelot: The Policing of Families
Donzelot argue that policies and procedures
such as health visitors and social workers and
even TV programmes e.g. Super Nanny act
as a form of social control.
They ,,police families to ensure "normal"
patterns of child development, encourage
certain patterns of parenting etc
Roles previously performed
by parents have become "professionalised"
Poor families tend to be targeted more as
they are seen as problem families e.g.…read more

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Families around the world
What do these tell you?
In the CZECH REPUBLIC, it is standard that mothers
stay at home for 3 years with every child. All
mothers can decide to take 2, 3 or 4 years of
maternity leave. It is also possible for the fathers to
take the leave instead of the mothers but it is not
common. For the whole period mothers are
supported by the state.…read more

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Examine the ways in
which social policies and
laws may influence
families and households…read more

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How can you answer this question?
A good way to start, is to think about theoretical
How do:
New Right/New Labour
...…read more


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