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Sociology - Social policy…read more

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What is social policy?
· Plans or actions set out by the government
that affect a persons behaviour.
· Most social policies affect families inn some
way either directly or indirectly
directly Indirectly
Compulsory Tax law
adoption Divorce Child
law protection
and abortion…read more

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References of social policies
`married couples allowance'
· Conservative party policy.
· New right influence.
· Value/traditional nuclear families.
· Target middle class families rather than the
working class.
· Only available to one earner married couples.
· Not available to dual earner couples also known
as the `neo conservative' family.
· Middle class families tend to have a traditional
setting rather than the working class.…read more

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Abolishing the family ­ soviet
· Changed social policies that destroyed old patriarchal
· Patriarchal family is a barrier to social equality
· Abolishing the capitalism would abolish the family also
(A02 ­ Link with Marxist theorist Engels and Zaretsky)
· 1920 ­ divorce and abortion easy to obtain
· Constitution guaranteed equality for women who went
on to enter workplace (AO2)
· Divorce laws were tightened to make abortion illegal
(parents encouraged to make more children)
· Fertile women were called `hero mothers of the soviet
union'…read more

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Chinas one child policy
· Limits the number of children parents can have
· Not just restricted to china it happens everywhere
· Encouraged to have one child through benefits,
healthcare and tax allowance
· Only child gets priority in education and housing
· 35.9% of one-child restriction
· Couples who broke agreements has to pay a fine
· Women had pressure from sterilisation.…read more

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They restricted:
· Contraception.
· Abortion.
· Set up infertility clinics.
· Made divorce difficult.
· Lowered the legal age of marriage to 15.
· Made unmarried and childless couples to pay 5% extra
on income taxed.
· Former communist government introduced policies to
increase birth rate.
· The birth rate has been decline as living standard
declining.…read more

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