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Sociology ­ Families and Households
Family Diversity:
Examine the reasons for family diversity. (24 Marks)
Examine the reasons [Type of family] is on the increase/decrease/still the norm.
(24 Marks)
Examine the reasons for the increase in divorce. (24 Marks)
Changes in Family Structure & Demography:
Reasons for the change in birth rates. (24 Marks)
The sociological views of social policy. / The impact of state policies on the
family. (24 Marks)
Sociological views of industrialisation. / Examine the effect of industrialisation
and the structure of the family. (24 Marks)
Examine the statement `childhood is a social construction'
Changes in the position in children since industrialisation/compared to the past
(24 Marks)
Roles and Relationships within the Family:
Assess the view that the family has become more equal. (24 Marks)
Assess the impact of women in paid work on the family. (24 Marks)
Examine the feminist influences in the family. (24 Marks)
Examine the patterns and reasons for domestic violence. (24 Marks)
Assess the functionalist view of the family / society
Assess the feminist view of the family / society
Assess the Marxist view of the family / society
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