Social Policy and the Family in Britain (SPFB) #1 : Overview

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  • Social Policy and the Family in Britain:                      Overview
    • In Britain the family has traditionally been regarded as peoples personal business and not an area that the stare should interfere in
    • However, with the increase of child protection laws and the welfare state, the state is having an increasing role to play within the family
    • Some have gone on to argue that the introduction in the 1960's of certain state policies the traditional family has been influenced and in that it is declining.
    • Overview of social policy in the UK
      • In Britain in recent years there have been changes to the law that impacts the family
      • Governemnt policies concerning health, education, taxation and welfare assistance will all impact directly on the family.
      • There are direct and indirect polices that can do this
        • Indirect
          • The Welfare State (1942)
          • Legislation of the Contraceptive Pill (1967)
        • Direct
          • Child Support Agency (1993)
          • Additional Paternity Pay (2011)
      • Families are influenced by laws that impact directly on them


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