Factors contributing to coastalisation

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  • Factors contributing to coastalisation
    • Industrial port
      • Creates jobs
      • In Felixstowe, Suffolk
    • Tourist resort
      • Brings money to be spent in the country
      • In Benidorm, Spain
    • Specialist recreational activities e.g surfing
      • Attracts tourists
      • In Newquay, Uk
    • Industry
      • Produces energy we need
      • Easington, Yorkshire
    • Specialist ecosystems e.g coral reef
      • Habitat for the fish
      • Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia
    • Natural marine resources such as fish
      • Selling natural goods to save energy and its fresh
      • Grimsby, Uk
    • Farming resources
      • To grow crops
      • Bangladesh
    • Passenger ferry port
      • Transport for people and goods
      • Doven, Uk
    • Weather and climate
      • Better quality of life
      • Florida, Usa
    • Relief of land (flat land)
      • Easy to build businesses and houses for people
      • Japan


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