Crowded Coasts - Coastalisation: Australia, Costa Geriatrica (Spain), Florida, Benidorm (Spain)

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Factors leading to coastalisation:

  • employment by ports
  • attracts farmers due to rainfall
  • drought inland Australia
  • Tourist jobs
  • outdoor lifestyle
  • cheap housing
  • 300-400km of coastline

Issues that arise from coastalisation:

  • limited resources - fresh water and farmland
  • overpopulation
  • rising house costs
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Costa Geriatrica, Spain

Factors leading to coastalisation:

  • cheaper housing
  • warm mediterranean climate
  • overcrowding in inland cities
  • cheaper living costs

Issues that arise from coastalisation:

  • lack of clean water
  • sewage problems
  • dangers to biodiversity
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Factors leading to coastalisation:

  • good weather
  • accessable
  • good education prospects
  • can find cheap housing

Issues that arise from coastalisation:

  • rapid increase of population
  • Everglades (wetland area) has shrunk by 80%
  • sinking land - only 2 meters abouve sea level - 9%
  • fresh water problems in a few years time
  • coastal floosing and hurricane damage - people are in more danger
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Benidorm, Spain

  • Has a permanent population of 67,000. in the summer this exceeds to half a million
  • development of coastal resort started in 1954
  • tourist season is now all year long
  • became popular in 1960s
  • nightlifr revolves around bars and clubs in the centre of the resort
  • mostly young visitors
  • been transformed form a sleepy villiage to an urban are of skyscraper hotels and apartment blocks, theme parks, pubs, clubs and restaurants
  • Benidorm remains proud of its three main beaches which are densly populated parts of the world.
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