Climate Change: Arctic and Africa



- 2/3 countries in Africa are in the world's 50 poorest countries.

- Many countries are badly in debt.

- Africa as a continent contributes the least to GW whereas it may be affected the most.

- 0.5 degrees hotter than in 1900.

- More droughts.

- Less monsoon seasons.

Economic Impacts:

- Changing patterns of rainfall will shorten the growing seanson in some areas.

- Coastalisation may occur to escape the drought, migrants flee to coastal cities and strain their economies, water supplies etc.

- Could be 50% less crops by 2020, making malnutrition and famine more common.

- Locust plagues will also threaten crops.

Social Impacts:

- Many rivers are internationally shared e.g. Nile. This could lead to water shortages.

- Malaria increase. As mosquitoes more suited…


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