Climate Change: the Arctic and Africa



  • 2/3 countries in Africa are in the world's 50th poorest countries
  • Many countries are badly in debt
  • They contribute the least to global warming, however they could be affected the most.
  • 0.5C hotter than in 1900
  • More droughts
  • Less rainy seasons

Economic impacts:

  • Changing patterns of rainfall will shorten the growing season.
  • Coastalisation. To escape the drought, migrants flee to coastal cities and strain their economies, water supplies etc. E.g. Cotonou
  • Could be 50% less crops by 2020, making malnutrition more common
  • Locust plagues will also threaten crops.

Social impacts:

  • Many rivers are internationally shared. E.g. Nile.
  • This could lead to water conflicts.
  • Increase in malnutrition
  • Malaria and diarrhoea increase, (witch…




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