Factors Affecting Attraction: Physical Attractiveness

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  • Factors Affecting Attraction: Physical Attractiveness
    • Importance of Physical Attractiveness
      • Shackelford and Larsen (1997)
      • Neotenous faces are also attractive.
        • Widely separated & large eyes.
        • Delicate chin.
        • Small nose.
        • Features trigger protective instinct, valuable for females wanting to reproduce.
      • McNulty (2008)
        • Initial attractiveness when relationship starts continues to be important after marriage - and for several years after.
    • The Halo Effect
      • Physically attractiveness matters due to preconceived ideas about the personality traits attractive people must have.
        • Universally positive.
      • Karen Dion (1972)
        • Physically attractive people are consistently rated as kind, strong, sociable and successful - in comparison to non-attractive people.
        • Belief that people have these traits = more attractive to us. Results in us behaving positively towards them.
          • Self-fulfilling prophecy
      • Hale Effect: one distinguishing feature has disproportion-ate influence on our judgements of a person's other attributes - E.G. personality
    • The Matching Hypothesis
      • Elaine Walster (1966)
      • People choose partners with similar physical attractiveness
        • Make judgements on our own 'value' to a potential partner.
      • Desire most attractive partner, for evolutionary & psychological reasons.
        • But wish to avoid rejection from someone 'out of our league'.
      • Difference between what we want in a partner, and what we're prepared to settle for.
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