Factors Affecting Attraction - Physical Attractiveness

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  • Factors Affecting Attraction - Physical Attractiveness
    • Importance of physical attractiveness
      • Symmetrical faces are seen as a sign of genetic fitness. Baby-face features trigger a protective/caring instinct.
    • Halo effect
      • Preconceived ideas that attractive people have positive personality traits - kind, successful, sociable.
    • Matching hypothesis
      • The assessment of our own attractiveness may play a role in our choice of partner. we desire the most attractive partner but settle for someone on the same level of attractiveness as us.
    • Research support for the halo effect
      • Palmer & Peterson (2012) found that physically attractive people were rated as more politically "knowledgeable" even when they were known to have no expertise.
    • Individual differences
      • Towhey (1979) asked pts to rate how much they would like a target individual based on a photo and some biographical info as well as complete the MACHO questionnaire. He found that pts who scored highly on the scale based their choices off of physical attractiveness
    • Research support for the matching hypothesis
      • Feingold (1988) carried out a meta-analysis of 17 studies and found a significant correlation in ratings of attractiveness between romantic partners,


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