Describe and evaluate physical attractiveness as a factor affecting attraction

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  • Physical atractiveness is the degree to which an individual's physical characteristics are seen as being seen as beautiful
  • Evolutionary theory suggests that there are common features that females see as being physically attracive in males such as males displaying genetic fitness like muscularity and being resource rich
  • Males are also seen as finding common features as being physically attrctive in females such as them displaying signs of fertility which includes youth, child bearing hips and large eyes 
  • Individuals that are seen as being physically attractive tend to create the impression of having desirable personality characteristics such as being trustworthy and sociable which is known as the Halo effect
  • The matching hypothesis is the idea that individuals are attracted to people that are of a simlar percieved physical attractiveness to them, which involves an individual assessing their own level of physical attractiveness
  • This is seen as occuring as it reduces the chances of an individual being rejected and individuals feel more secure in a relationship as if the partner was more


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