Physical attractiveness

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Physical attractiveness:

  • From the study of Buss (1989) suggested that men place great importance on the physical appearance of a mate 
  • This physical attraction acts as a cue to a women's health and the fertility and reproductive value of the woman 
  • Physical attractiveness can determine attraction
  • Eastwick et al:
  • Suggests that physical attractiveness may be just important to women as it it to men when choosing their romantic partner 
  • Other researchers also had the same opinion
  • However, they did suggest that women may rely on physical attractiveness only when choosing a partner for a short-term relationship, physical attractiveness was less important for a serious relationship

The 'matching' hypothesis:

  • Walster and Walster (1969):
    • Claim that when individual is in process of choosing their romanctic partner they assess their own value in the eyes of their potential romantic partner 
    • They select the best candidates who are most likely to be attracted to them 
    • Theoretically, both indivduals should be attracted to…


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