(A) Explain the concept of Ideals in Plato's Writing.

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  • Explain the concept of Ideals in Plato's Writing (25)
    • Forms are perfect Ideals.
      • Forms interconnected in a hierarchy. Most important = Form of the Good.
        • The highest form and the source of all other forms.
        • Knowledge of the Form of the Good is an end in itself and gives meaning and purpose to life.
      • They are pure knowledge and are not dependent on opinions.
    • World of Ideals differs from Material World.
      • Analogy of the Cave.
      • Material World: world of shadows and darkness. Not 'real'.
        • e.g Chairs are resembling to the form of a chair, the ideal of a chair exists in the world of the forms.
      • World of Ideals: 'real' world. Realm of the Forms.
    • Mind and Soul.
      • Our mind have an innate knowledge of what beauty is (the form of beauty).
        • It is our souls that knew the Forms because they are immortal and eternal.
      • Dualism: our mind and souls are separate. Soul has always existed. Each being has its own realm.
    • Introduction.
      • Plato's form is the idea of something. It is not physical but it is the eternal idea of what the thing is.
    • Conclusion
      • World of forms is totally separate from the material world.
        • Everything we see, is a resemblance of an ideal in the world of the forms.


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