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January 2011

1(a) Explain what it means to say that 'God is good'. [25]

(b) 'To what extent are things only good because God commands them? [10]

2(a) Explain why some creationists do not believe in the Big Bang theory. [25]

(b) ‘Scientists are the only ones who can explain why the universe is here.’ Discuss. [10]

3(a) Explain the nature of the problem of evil. [25]

(b) 'Moral evil may be the fault of humanity but natural evil is God's fault.' Discuss. [10]

4(a) Explain what Kant means by 'Summum Bonum'. [25]

(b) 'The existence of morality is not evidence for the existence of God.' Discuss. [10]

June 2010

1(a) Compare the concept of a Prime Mover with the idea of God as a craftsman. [25]

(b) 'Only Philosophers can explain creation.' Discuss. [10]

2(a) Explain Anselm's Ontological argument. [25]

(b) ‘It is pointless to deny the logical necessity of the existence of God.’ Discuss. [10]

3(a) Explain the concept of Irreducible Complexity. [25]

(b) ‘There is no evidence of Intelligent Design in the universe.' Discuss. [10]

4(a) Explain


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