Year of The Four Emperors: Quotes for Key Events

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  • Events in the Year of the Four Emperors
    • Galba
      • Tacitus
        • 'i select my troops i do not buy them'
        • 'it was possible for an emperor to be chosen outside of Rome'
      • Suetonious
        • 'he led Piso into the praetorian camp, and there....adopted him without, however, mentioning the word bounty'
        • 'the most virulent hatred of him smouldered in the army..the officers had promised a large bonus...he would not honour this but announced , it is my custom to levy my troops not buy them'
    • Otho
      • Suetonious
        • 'his first plan was to occupy the Praetorian camp'
        • ''Galbas adoption of Piso came as a shock to Otho, who had hoped to secure this good fortune himself. Disappointment, resentment and a massive accumulation of debts now prompted him to revolt'
        • 'though his army won three lesser engagements..they were tricked into a decisive defeat near Bedriacum'
    • Vitellius
      • Suetonious
        • 'meanwhile the armies in Germany took an oath of loyalty to Vitellius'
        • 'the army's dislike of Galba having now reached  a stage little short of mutiny, they welcomed Vitellius with open arms as a gift from the gods'
      • Tacitus
        • 'the army of upper germany..went over to Vitellius'
    • Vespasian
      • Suetonious
        • 'the support of Licinius Macedonious, then commanding in Syria'
        • 'almost at once, dispatches from Italy brought the news of Vitellius defeat
        • 'the prefect in Egypt, thereupon made his legions take the oath of loyalty to Vespasian'
      • Tacitus
        • 'the first move.. took place in Alexandria, as Tiberius Alexander speedily got his legions to swear the new imperial oath'


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