Battle of Salamis

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  • Battle of Salamis
    • Trireme
      • 90ft long and 18ft wide=long and narrow
      • made mainly from pine
      • it was very light because it was built for speed
      • 170-220 oresmans on average
      • when it rams the speed causes the vessel to pulse
    • Xerxes Mistakes
      • retreating ships collide with advancing, numbers turn against them
      • ignores artamesians advice to not fight, hubris
        • 'spare your ships and don't fight a sea battle'
        • 'he is sympathetic to the Persian king'
      • Greeks thought in an 'organised and disciplined way'
    • Themistocles and Salamis
      • got the athenians to strengthen the navy
      • 'only your wooden walls will save you'
      • messaged persians to trick them into going into battle
      • Evaluation
        • vague on how it is fought
        • Athenian bias
      • Key Quotes by Heroditus
        • 'a battle in the narrows'
        • '200 ships manned with her own men'
        • 'the barbarians fought without order'


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