Battle of Marathon

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  • Battle of Marathon
    • 10 generals split as what to do and then Miltiades took charge of the attack
      • Persian aimed for Athens to restore Hippias to power
        • Hippias advised Persians to land at Bay of Marathon
        • Athenians chose to meet them at bay rather than city siege
    • 9000 Athenians and 600 Plateau took position on high ground
      • Persian army starts at 25000
    • Athenians didn't want to fight on open plains
    • 1m distance between them walked and ran last 200 metres
      • Persians taken by surprise- weren't expecting such determination
    • Persians disciplined retreat to ships but they lost 6400 men (only 192 greeks lost)
    • Athenians had a weak middle but strong flanks, flanks were successful and swallowed the immortals
    • Unexpected victory
    • Archeological evidence (not mentioned by Heroditus)- persian arrowheads at the british museum
    • Miltiades Speech
      • all future generations a memory more glorious
      • first city of Greece
      • our country will be free
    • Heroditus
      • Good
        • explains details of persian retreat
        • well explained the layout of the Athenians
        • General names and actions right and explained
      • Bad
        • states Athenians ran when it is highly unlikely
        • describes a phantom which is unlikely
        • leaves out geogrpahy
        • brief description on time
    • Key Heroditus Quotes
      • centre was only a few ranks deep
      • battle length was equal in length to the persians
      • were charging at a run without the support of a cavalry or archers
      • Athenians captured seven ships


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