Titus Quotes

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  • Titus Quotes
    • Vesuvias
      • 'he showed more than an emperors concern' Suetonius
      • 'helping the victims to the extent of his purse' Suetonius
    • Plague and Fire
      • 'this has ruined me!' Suetonius
      • 'made good all the ruined areas out of his own existing resources' Cassius Dio
    • Opening of the Coliseum
      • 'provide many amazing spectacles' Cassius Dio
      • 'filled the amphitheater with water' Cassius Dio
      • 'spectacles...lasted for a hundred days' Cassius Dio
    • Public Baths
      • 'use the new public baths as a means of keeping in touch with the common people' Suetonius
    • Relationship with Domition
      • 'caused him endless trouble' Suetonius
      • 'you are my partner and chosen successor' Suetonius
    • Death
      • 'the common people went into mourning' Suetonius
      • 'rumored he was murdered by his brother...but others state he fell ill' Cassius Dio


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