Public Works of the Caesar Emperors

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  • Public Works of Emperors Quotes
    • Tiberius
      • Tiberius cut down the expenses of public entertainments- suetonious
      • tiberius set limits to the price of food- suetonious
      • Various explanations were given for Tiberius abesence from the games-tacitus
    • Claudius
      • Import grain; even in in winter months-insuring merchants against loss of ships-suetonious
      • Building the harbour at Ostia-suetonious
      • A stone aqueduct with loft arches-suetonious
      • Though no numerous, were important-suetonious
    • Caligula
      • He twice presented every member of the public with 300 sesterces-suetonious
      • Stage comic duels/ the canopies removed at the hottest time of day and forbid anyone leave- suetonious
    • Nero
      • 400 senators and 600 battle in the arena-suetonious
      • Streets were broad and houses built around his own expense-suetonious
    • Augustus
      • Res Gestae
        • Gave 240sestercesto plebs...received the corn dole
        • Restored 82 temples
        • Gave gladiatorial games three times in my own name
        • Built the senate house...temple of Apollo
      • Suetonious
        • Conscientious and lenient.. of justice
        • Stationed armed police in bandit ridden districts
        • Cleared the channel of the Tiber as a precaution against floods
        • General successful, were his favoured candidates/ splendid public shows
        • He often supplied grain to every man/ he created new offices
      • Tacitus
        • To participate in public entertainment was a mark of political sensitivitiy


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