Evaluate the role of food security in the development process

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  • Evaluate the role of food security in the development process
    • Availability
      • Depends on Social climate as if in a time of war food security may not be possible, e.g Rwandan Genocide
      • Food security allows people to focus their time on other things
        • This can lead to Capacity building
      • Affects mothers and children the most as food insecurity raises maternal mortality and creates orphans
        • Without a future generation you can't develop
      • Harder to have this in rural areas because of remoteness
    • Affordability
      • It is harder for those in Urban areas in developing countries to be food secure because it is expensive, e.g. Ugandans spend 80% of Income on food
      • Countries that can't feed themselves risk political instability and the government loses credibility
      • If food isn't affordable it is more difficult to participate in modernisation
    • Utilisation
      • NGOS like Practical Action provide appropriate technology to help developing countries utilise what they have
      • It is less of a problem in developed countries because they have subsidies making food cheaper as well as technologies
      • Also being in trading blocs makes it easier to have food security as you produce what you have a comparitive advantage in
      • If food isn't Utilised properly it is a waste of resources and can slow down development
    • Malnutriton makes it harder for people to concentrate


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