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  • A2 World Development
    • Theme 4
      • KI 1 -  Historical trade and inequalities
        • Colonialism, Belgian Congo, how this has created economic inequalities, how this differs across countries
      • KI 2 - Trading Relationships
        • Free trade,Fair Trade and Protectionism. Export led growth, Import substitution industrialisation
      • KI 3 - FDI
        • How it effects more than just economic development, pros and cons, Bangladesh, Nike, Coca Cola, How it differs between countries
      • KI 4 - Globalisation
        • How it has created economic inequality and instability, Taiwan, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria
      • KI 5 - Technology
        • Mobile Phones In Kenya, OLPC, Question Box, Micro Hydro, How it has improved lives
      • KI 6 - Aid
        • How aid projects can be sustainable, Aid is more effective when integrated into an NDP, it has pros and cons
    • Theme 3
      • KI1 - Development Over time
        • Colonialism, Adam Smith, State Led, Washington Consensus, Debt crisis, Amaryta Sen, more social development, sustainable development (MDGs)
      • KI 2 - How development philosophies link to political attitudes
        • Neo liberalism (sAPS and Privatisation) Grassroots (Social Development, work of NGOs, sparked more participatory development)
      • KI 3 - Development varies across the world and between groups
        • Global North vs Global South, NGOs vs Government. Essentially Social vs Economic development
      • KI 4 - Political,social,economic and food security
        • Utilization, affordability and Availability.  Does Economic Development drive social and political development?
      • KI 5- Participatory Development
        • How community involvement in development can make it more effective - Higher quality of life, empowerment, Appropriate technology
      • KI 6 - Sustainable Development
        • Can SD  be achieved? How it differs globally, when did it start?
    • Case Studies
      • Windward Islands, Black Gold, Venezuela, Practical Action, Chipko Movement, Grameen,  Uk dairy Industry,  Uganda and food security


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