Ethnicity and educational achievement

How does ethnic variations affect the educational attainment of pupils from minority ethnic groups and what are the patterns?

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  • Ethnicity and educational achievement
    • What are the main variations?
      • Those of a South Asian background [Chinese, Indian] tend to do better than those of a Middle East backgound [Pakistani, Bangaladeshi].
      • Those of a white backround do well, but not as well as those of South Asian, but better than those of Black or Middle East descent.
      • Within each group there is variations depending on social class and gender.
        • Those of a higher class do better than those of lower classes.
        • Girls generally do better than boys [overall] during their school career.
    • How can this come about?
      • The teachers can have certain expectations about a group of students, and so may not give them a chance because they think they won't do well or will be disruptive.
      • LABELLING THEORY- This is where teachers give the students certain labels depending on where they come from or what nationality they are.
        • Leads to SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY. If a pupil is expected to behave in a certain way, or not achieve then they won't becuase they are told they wont often enough.
      • Language barriers- English is the main language of schools in Enlgand, and it is spoken by all teachers If a pupil doesnt speak English outside of school then it isn't reinforced.
    • How can this be avoided?
      • Teachers would have to get rid of their racialised expectations, and accept the pupils for who they are and give each pupil an equal chance to develop.
    • Statistics [5A*-C GCSE incl maths and eng]
      • 58% of White pupils in 2010 compared to 45% in 2006
      • 78.5* of Chinese pupils in 2010 compared to 70% in 2006
      • 74.4% of Indian pupils in 2010 compared to 62% in 2006
      • 48.6% of Black-Caribben pupils in 2010 compared to 34% in 2006
    • Patterns
      • Black pupils tend to have the highest exclusion rate[incl. permanent]
      • Chinese and Indian pupils are more likely to be put into higher sets with Black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi pupils in lower sets.
      • Black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi pupils are rarely seen as gifted and entered into gifted classes, wheras Indian and Chinese pupils consistently are.


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