Establishing Control- Normans

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  • Enforcing control.
    • Castles.
      • William started to build many castes when he had control over England, and they had many purposes.
      • Saxons used to work on the castles.
      • At the heart of the castle was the motte which was a large mound of earth surrounded by a ditch on top of which was a wooden tower.
        • Early castles were named the motte and Bailey castles.
      • Castles were built in places where England took control of.
    • The  domesday book.
      • William demanded that in 1085, there was to be a survey of all of his lands in Britain.
      • A detailed record of ownership of land, types of land, numbers of people and numbers of animals was taken.
        • If there were any problems, the shires would have to bring them to court.
      • The Domesday book was written in two volumes, and was kept at the Winchester Treasury.
        • We don't know if this is the first record of England, but is the only one we have a copy of right now.
          • additionally, we don't even know why the records of England where taken!
      • People  have thought that the survey could of been taken as a method of organising the country after the chaotic conquest, or was to do with tax.
    • Rebellions
      • After the invasion of the normans, all land owned by the  saxons was going to be taken over (by the normans).
        • This lead to many Saxon Earls fleeing and going into exile.
      • Eventhough there were saxons who followed to Williams rules, there were few Saxon rebellions, thanks to the Scottish king Malcolm 3.
    • The Harrying of the North.
      • In the winter of 1069-70, was King William's most important time (as king).
        • Faced with local rebellions in northern England that were encouraged by the Scots and the Danes, William set about systematically destroying large parts of the north.
          • When William and his fellow Normans began to take land and increase taxation the people of the north probably felt they had more to gain from rebelling than from submitting. They were used to acting relatively independently.


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