new crimes in Norman England

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  • Give three reasons people hated the Forest Laws
    • Common land was the only way ordinary Anglo-Saxons could get food for their families therefore seen as unfair
    • Only those with hunting rights were allowed to hunt in the "royal forests"
    • Village and communties were evicted from this land, causing resentment.
    • rebellions
      • Norman invasion was not welcomed by the Saxons and there was a lot of resistance in the first few years.Betraying your lord and inciting rebellion  against a king had been crimes in Saxon England.
      • William I treated treason very harshly in order to deter and assert his authority. He ordered the death penalties himself  and those just associated with the rebellion
      • Estimates suggest that 100000 people starved due to destruction of farmland and animals on William's orders to areas that had seen rebellion
    • Murdrum fine
      • New law established to control over the conquered population. If a Saxon murdered a Norman , and the culprit was not caught , a large sum of money had to paid by the area of land where the crime happened
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