Anglo Saxon & Normans (Control&Resistance)

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  • Anglo Saxons & Normans
    • Establishing control
      • Marcher earldoms
        • Hereford Shrewsbury Chester
          • Placed on the boarder of Wales. Had been previous arguments with Wales, Anglo’s could not control. William comes in, controls them and places three new earldoms on the boarder.
      • Williams Gift Giving
        • Sent gifts to the pope. Church is on his side.
        • Set heavy tax to pay soldiers
        • Declared all land his.. but handed it out to those who were loyal.
          • Everyone wants to be friends and loyal to him. FREE LAND.
      • All Norman earls apart from EDWIN AND MORCAR.
        • not all anglo's hate him, some earls are still anglo.
      • CASTLES
        • Located in strategic places, to watch over locals
        • Burhs- PROTECT Castles- CONTROL
        • Quick to build unlike burhs
        • Anglo's never seen anything like this, they pop up everywhere. Normans taking CONTROL
    • Anglo Saxon Resistance
      • 1068 revolt
      • 1069-1071 revolts
        • Uprising in YORK
        • Anglo-Danish attack on YORK
          • King Sweyn DENMARK and Edgar Atheling attack, 3000 Normans killed
            • Rebellions pop up everywhere, William cannot cope
              • William decides... Harrying of the North & Pay the Danes to leave
        • Hereward the Wake Ely


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