Ergogenic aids

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  • Ergogenic aids
    • Pharmacological
      • Anabolic steroids
        • Increased muscles mass and growth
        • Increased recovery
        • 'Roid' rage
        • Heart, liver and kidney disease
        • Severe acne
      • Human growth hormone
        • Increased muscle mass and growth
        • Increased strength
        • Joint and muscle pain
        • Increased recovery
        • Increase of cancerous tissues
      • EPO
        • Increased RBC prdouction
        • Increased oxygen carrying capacity
        • Increased V02 Max
        • Naturally occuring, therefore very little negative side effects
    • Physiological
      • Blood doping
        • Increased oxygen carrying capacity
        • Increased RBC production
        • Increased blood viscosity leading to strokes
        • Autoimmune diseases
        • Take blood out, train, and then reintroduce it
      • Gene doping
        • Inserting DNA into body to enhance athletic performance
        • Artificially increase hormone levels
        • Increases testosterone levels
        • Changes made are permanent
      • Cooling aids
        • Cool core body temp
        • Before improves performance
        • After aids recovery
    • Nutritional aids
      • Creatine
        • Increased muscle growth and recovery
      • Caffeine
        • Stimulant, increases alertness and awareness. decreased tiredness
      • Nitrates e.g beetroot juice
        • Dilation of blood vessels. Increased blood flow to muscles
      • Protein
        • Growth and repair of muscles
      • Bicarbonate
        • Buffers lactic acid and therefore decreases effects of lactic acid
      • Carbohydrate loading
        • Deplete carbohydrate stores and then super-compensate before competition


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