Ethics In Sport - Performance Enhancing Drugs

Revision notes on Performance Enhancing Drugs & Types of Drugs, for the Ethics in Sport module of AS Physical Education.

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Ethics in Sport
Drugs in sport ­ Ergogenic aids in sport
Ergogenic Aid (Drugs) ­ Any substance which enhances performance
Doping ­ Use by or distribution to an athlete of any substance which could
artificially improve physical or mental condition
Types of Drugs
Remove fluids from the body so for example a boxer can meet a certain weight
Hide traces of other drugs from the body
Disadvantages Can cause dehydration
Narcotic Analgesics ­ Pain Killers ­ Masks injury
Can get a player through a game when they have a painful injury
Disadvantages ­ Injury can get a lot worse without the performer knowing about
Anabolic Steroids
Makes performer more aggressive, it allows them to train for longer and makes
muscles grow quicker
Disadvantages ­ Messes up hormone system, men can develop women
features and women can develop mens
Beta Blockers ­ regulates heart rate
Can slow down heart rate making a performer more relaxes
Disadvantages ­ Low blood pressure can lead to further problems
Makes mind more alert so a performer can stay awake longer mentally and
Disadvantages ­ Raises blood pressure too high ­ Kidney problems
Lack of sleep

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