Energy Mix

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  • Energy Mix
    • China
      • Solar: number 1 producer of solar, PV cells. Half the worlds total.  99% of production is exported.
      • Coal: largest producer and consumer in world. 13% of global reserves but little can be opened.
      • Oil:  1/4 primary energy suppliers in China.  Used for increasing number of cars.  Considerable domestic resource but not efficient for its considerable demand so become net importer
      • Nuclear: represents 4% of total installed generating capacity
      • Tidal:
      • Wind: doubled its installed wind power capacity each year from 2005-2007. 8th largest wind power producer in the world.
      • HEP: Large potential due to many rivers and mountains. 12% global resources - number 1 in world. 16% china's energy prodcution
    • France
      • Relatively poor in domestic energy resources
      • Coal:  limited reserves.  Doesn't consume significant amount.  Mining shut down in 2005
      • Oil: Imports most oil needs.
      • Nuclear Power; 2nd largest producer in world. 59 power plants.
      • HEP:  used for over 100yrs.  2000 stations.  Supply reduced from 50% to 14% due to increase in demand but no viable sites to develop.
      • Solar:  Southern France warm and sunny.  Increase in use but minor role in national mix.


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