Energy Past Exam Questions

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Jan 2013 – Physical Factors, Political Decisions & Problems with Exploitation.

Describe the variations in energy consumptions shown in Fig. 3. [4]

Suggest two reasons for these variations. [6]

Explain two ways in which physical factors influence the supply of renewable energy. [6]

WRTOOMLE, explain how political decisions have influenced energy supply. [9]

WRTOOMLE, describe and explain the problems created by the exploitation of energy resources. [25]


May 2012 – Economic Factors, Energy Mix of LEDC & Sustainability.

Use Fig. 3 to suggest how the exploitation of energy resources might harm the physical environment. [4]

Suggests two ways that this exploitation of energy might create opportunities for people in this area. [6]

Outline two ways in which economic factors influence global energy supply. [6]

Explain the energy mix of one LEDC. [9]

WRTOOMLE, explain how energy demand can be satisfied in an increasingly sustainable way. [25]


Jan 2012 – Conflicts, Social Opportunities & Economic Development.

Describe the global pattern of energy production shown in Fig. 3. [4]

Suggest two reasons for this pattern. [6]

Outline two ways in which the exploitation of energy resources creates conflicts with indigenous populations. [6]

WRTOOMLE, explain how energy exploitation is providing social opportunities. [9]

WRTOOMLE, examine how the exploitation of energy resources can provide opportunities for economic development. [25]

May 2011 – Meeting Energy Needs, Damaging Environments & Contrasting Energy Mix.

Describe the relationship between Gross National Income and


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