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Case study sustainable energy
in Germany
AS Geography Unit 2- energy, OCR…read more

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Energy demand
· Energy mix: 40% oil, 20% natural gas, 15% coal
· Doesn't have any large hydrocarbon reserves leading
to a large energy import bill
· Renewable energy is needed to increase energy
security and improve the quality of the environment…read more

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Renewable sources
· 5% energy comes from HEP generated in Alpine
region due to favourable conditions (high
precipitation, fast flowing rivers, steep sided valleys)
· 18,000 wind turbines producing 6% of Germany's
electricity and employing 64,000 people
· Government legislation in form of `the renewable
energy sources act' in which a minimum price for 20
years is paid for energy put into national grid that
was generated using renewable sources
· $5 billion photovoltaic industry which accounts for
5% of worlds solar pannels…read more

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Renewable sources
· Bio energy (generated from plant/animal matter) in
Juhude, first bio energy village in Germany…read more


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