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Human Geography - Energy
Jan 2013 ­ Physical Factors, Political Decisions & Problems with Exploitation.
Describe the variations in energy consumptions shown in Fig. 3. [4]
Suggest two reasons for these variations. [6]
Explain two ways in which physical factors influence the supply of renewable energy. [6]
WRTOOMLE, explain how political decisions have influenced energy supply. [9]
WRTOOMLE, describe and explain the problems created by the exploitation of energy resources. [25]
May 2012 ­ Economic Factors, Energy Mix of LEDC & Sustainability.
Use Fig. 3 to suggest how the exploitation of energy resources might harm the physical environment. [4]
Suggests two ways that this exploitation of energy might create opportunities for people in this area. [6]
Outline two ways in which economic factors influence global energy supply. [6]
Explain the energy mix of one LEDC. [9]
WRTOOMLE, explain how energy demand can be satisfied in an increasingly sustainable way. [25]
Jan 2012 ­ Conflicts, Social Opportunities & Economic Development.
Describe the global pattern of energy production shown in Fig. 3. [4]
Suggest two reasons for this pattern. [6]
Outline two ways in which the exploitation of energy resources creates conflicts with indigenous populations. [6]
WRTOOMLE, explain how energy exploitation is providing social opportunities. [9]
WRTOOMLE, examine how the exploitation of energy resources can provide opportunities for economic development. [25]
May 2011 ­ Meeting Energy Needs, Damaging Environments & Contrasting Energy Mix.
Describe the relationship between Gross National Income and energy consumption shown in Fig. 3. [4]
Suggest two reasons for this relationship. [6]
Outline two reasons why renewable energy is becoming more significant in meeting energy needs.
WRTOOMLE, explain how the exploitation of energy resources has damaged local environments.
With reference to two contrasting companies, describe and explain the difference in their energy mix. [25]
Jan 2011 ­ Physical Factors, Management & Social and Environmental Problems.
Describe the differences in the energy mix for the two countries shown in Fig. 3. [4]

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Human Geography - Energy
Suggest two reasons for the differences shown. [6]
Explain how two physical factors can influence the supply of energy. [6]
WRTOOMLE, explain how renewable energy is playing an increasing part in the management of energy supplies. [9]
WRTOOMLE, explain how the exploitation of energy resources may create problems for both people and the environment. [25]
May 2010 - Political Factors, Economic Opportunities & Sustainability.…read more


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