Defense of the Realm Acts

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  • Defense of the Realm Acts
    • Introduced 'British Summer Time'
      • Meant that people could work for longer
      • Put clocks forward 1 hour in the summer
    • Compulsory rationing introduced in 1918
      • Sugar, butter meat and beer
      • Improved the diet of the poor
      • No white bread, only brown
    • Newspapers censored
      • So that Germans did not get vital battle information
    • Street lights were masked
      • So German zeppelins could not see British towns
      • Shop windows could not be lit
      • It was illegal not to hang blackout blinds
    • Took over land
      • To grow crops and create the 'Land Army'
      • So women could work on the land and farm
      • So there was enough food
    • The government got control over all media
      • The news had to be approved
        • Lots of propaganda about British soldiers and the Germans
        • Stories of heroic deeds and victories were told
      • Films were highly patriotic
      • Originally only the radio
    • Cut down the time pubs could be open for
      • Midday to 2:30PM
      • 6:30PM to 9:30PM
      • To stop drunkenness amongst workers
    • Tax was raised
      • To help fund the war
      • £9 billion
      • Some people donated money which was used and then paid back after the war



You've mixed together ww1 and ww2- this is not a usable revision resource for either of the two topics. Take this down immediately before something makes serious mistakes in important tests. This is extremely irresponsible.



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