world war one, DORA

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defense of the realm act

  • recognised some of the issues facing the governemtn during the great war
  • gave government wide ranging powers to run the war
  • DORA was also used to control civilian behaviour
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what was the problem??

  • planning was inadequate
  • chronic shortage of bullets and supplies
  • new soldiers trained with sticks
  • rumours that soldiers limited to 3 rounds of ammo a day
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what did the government do?

  • colalition formed
  • lloyd Geroge minister of munitions in this role he:
    • told essentail workers to stay put rather than go where the pay was best
    • brought women into the workforce
    • opened up the governments own munitions factories
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evidence of success

  • crisis was alleviated
  • equal pay established for women after the unions complained that paying them below the odds could then lead to men being payed much less and being squeezed out of the marke alltogether 
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evidence of failure

  • 100,000 women registered for industrial work in 1915 but only 5000 were given jobs
  • women were to be thrown out of their jobs once the boys came back
  • trade unions complained that the bosses weren't that the boses weren't subject to the same restrictions
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what was the problem????

  • in April 1917 German U-boats were sinking 25% of our merchant dice shipping 
  • at one stage we only had 6 weeks of food supply - wheat left
  • prices almost doubled between 1914 - 1917 and eaily outstripped wages - strikes and demonstrations :O
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what did the government do????????????????

  • womens land army was set up in Feburary 1917 to recruit womens workers
  • wages of industrial workers raised after strikes
  • May 1917 voluntary rationing introduced
  • novemeber restricted to "nine penny a loaf"
  • recipe books produced
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evidence of success

  • rationing was welcomed as a fair system
  • by the end of the war the diet of many poorer people had imporved
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evidence of failiure

  • none of the measures relieved the food shortage
  • early 1918 - compulsory rationing, sugar, meat and beer
  • coupon books distributed
  • stiff penalties for anyone who broke the law
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