dates and stuff during the homefront :)

just the dates and yer.... C:

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recruitment campaign - 1/2 million joined up

defense of the realm act - gave the governemtn special powers and allowed them to censor information

women's organistation set up - women's hospictal corps, police volunteers

first civilian bombing - German ships killed 119 people in Scarbough

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zeppelin airships - they bombed British towns

coalition government set up - all political parties jined together to make help the government win the war

munitions crisis - soldiers short of guns, Lloyd George put incharge of new ministry of munitions

womens protest - suffragests demand to work in factories

difficulty with employers - employers and trade unions didnt want women workers

government had to say....

    • women paid same as men
    • they only work until men came back
    • set up it own munitions factories and employ women
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conscription (had to fight in the army) - first started for singl men 18-40, then married men had to fight also

battle of the somme - most british casulties ever, the film was seen by millions but completely shocked the public

new prime minister - Lloyd George became the new Prime Minister,

minister of labour set up,

ministry of food set up

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unrestrited submarine warfare -  German U-Boats were sinking our merchant dice shipping, britain now shortnof food

womens land army - started as Britain was short of food

new land army - the government used DORA to use 2.5 million acres of land for farming

voluntary rationing -  was started but did fail, food prices and queses went up

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compulsory rationing - everyone had to buy food uing the rationing booklets

armistice - 11am 11/11/1918 Germany agreed to stop fighting

general election  - women voted for the first time woo!!

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Adam Uglow


Nice quick overview of dates in WW1 :)



Really useful for last minute revision or if you just need to look up something

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