Key Individual: Edward Jenner

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  • Edward Jenner
    • Area Of Expertise: Causes and Cures (Discovered Vaccination)
    • Brief Background/ Key Dates
      • Was an anonymous doctor in Gloucestershire
      • In 1798 observed that dairy maids often caught cowpox, but never small pox
      • After observation of 23 cases, he submitted his work to the Royal Society in 1798 claiming cowpox prevented small pox
    • Contribution to Medicine
      • Prevention of disease - was the first to find a truly effective prevention for a major killer
      • Improved Technique - Vaccination was more effective and safer than inoculation
      • Inspired others - Pasteur and Koch investigated Jenner's methods further
    • Factors That Helped
      • Chance - was luck that he discovered that many patients refused inoculation because they caught cowpox
      • Genius - Jenner followed up this discovery using carful scientific methods
      • Government - gave him £30,000 to continue work, and made vaccination compulsory in 1852
      • Celebrity Support - American president: Thomas Jefferson and Napoleon were both fans of vaccination
    • Factors that Hindered
      • Technology: Could not explain how it worked,a and seemed an odd idea
      • Conservatism- Resistance to new ideas, particluray from doctors making money from inoculation
      • Dangerous: Some patients died after vaccination because scarless doctors confused the cowpox vaccine with small pox or used infected needles on new patients


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