Edward Jenner and Small pox

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Edward Jenner 1749-1823:
-Studied with John Hunter (well respected surgeon of the time)
-Worked as a country doctor in Gloucestershire
-1798 published his book 'An enquiry of variola vaccinae, known as cowpox' outlining that using cowpox could cure small pox

Small pox before Jenner's discovery:
-Killed more children in 1700's than any other disease
-Symptoms included: severe disfigurement from scars, scabs on the skin
-Inoculation (spreading puss from a small pox pustule into a cut of a healthy person) was popular, originating from China, Asia and Africa.
-Many died from inoculation as in some cases it may have provoked a VERY strong case of small pox (instead of the desired mild case) a killed the patient.
-Lady Wortley Montagu learned about inoculation in Turkey (where her husband was British Ambassador). She brought the idea to England and had her daughter inoculated in front of important doctors, which was successful.
-Robert and Daniel Sutton carried out many inoculations and became VERY wealthy from this charging 20 pounds per patient.
-Most people could afford inoculation and so were still at a high risk.

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