Who were the key people in the fight against disease in the 19th century?

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  • Who were the key people in the fight against disease in the 19th century?
    • Louis Pasteur
      • Germs make liquids go bad
        • Pasteur was asked to find out what was making beer go sour. Through experiments he discovered that beer went sour when it had germs in it
      • Germs in liquids can be killed by heat
        • Pasteur boiled liquids which had germs in them and then studied them under a microscope to show that all of them had disappeared
      • Germs are in the air all around us
        • Pasteur carried out different experiments to prove that germs were in the air
      • Germs cause disease in animals
        • Pasteur was asked by the silk industry to find out what was killing the silkworms. He proved that it was a germ
      • Developed a range of vaccines to prevent disease
        • In the 1880's Pasteur discovered how vaccinations worked. He made vaccinations for chicken cholera, anthrax and rabies
    • Robert Koch
      • Developed a technique for identifying specific bacteria which caused disease
        • Koch developed a method for extracting individual  germs from a group of bacteria. He could then inject mice to see which caused the disease.
        • Found germs causing anthrax, blood poisoning and tuberculosis
      • Developed a technique for finding germs which are invisible to the human eye
        • Koch used industrial dyes to stain bacteria
        • It allowed experiments to be carried out on more specific germs
    • Edward Jenner
      • The cowpox bacterium can be used as a vaccine for smallpox
        • Jenner proved that injecting someone with cowpox could prevent smallpox


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