Economic changes in the Soviet zone

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  • Economic change in the Soviet Zone (Communism)
    • How did the Soviets begin to interfere with the economy of their zone
      • Their aim was to abolish capitalism, as they felt this was where Nazism had come from,
    • September 1945- larger landed estates and property belonging to former Nazis was confiscated and redistributed among landless argicultural labourers and refugees. (There was some state ownership)
    • 1945 - 1946 - the Banks and factories were taken over - some were taken into Soviet ownership as Soviet stock companies (SAGs) which later became part of the GDR state system
    • Experts and Scientists were kidnapped and taken into the Soviet Zone.
    • They said they were doing this as part of de-nazification (To keep with Potsdam) but really they were trying to introduce communism and communist economic policies into the soviet Zine of Germany.


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