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Germany 194549

· Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30th 1945.
· Germany was defeated on May 8th 1945
· They agreed to unconditional surrender the Allies (Britain, America, and Russia) would not
accept any other terms.

Yalta Conference, February 1945
It was clear that the power of Britain was…

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What they agreed
· The four D's denazification, decentralisation, demilitarisation, democratisation.
· The GermanPolish border. Stalin demanded that the border be further west of the rivers
Oder and Neisse. Churchill refused to accept this. However, the Polish administration of
these lands and the peaceful resettlement of millions of Germans were…

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mission of the United States to help all free nations threatened by what he saw as
communist aggression and to contain the spread of ideology.
The offer on 5th June 1947 from secretary of state, George Marshall to seek
Congress's agreement to provide enough money to stabilise and strengthen a…

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· The Berlin airlift arranged for 279,000 flights one at every minute during its peak.
· It provided 2.3million tons of food and supplies providing 7000 tons of goods daily to West
· It supplied 1.5million tons of coal.

After 11 months, the Berlin Blockade ended on 11th May…


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