A2 health and social care: economic activity and development

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  • economic activity and employment.
    • unemployment
      • long term sickness and disability are the main reason for unemployment particularly among 25-49 year olds.
        • in 2004 there were 7.8 million economically inactive people of working age in the UK - 60 per cent were women
          • unemployment is low in southern and central england but in some inner citiies such as east anglia and london its higher.
      • For women, the most common reason for ecnomic inactivity was looking after family or home. Of lone-parent households, 42 per cent were workless in 2004
    • migration and emigration
    • unemployment and educational achievement.
      • in 2004, men with no qualifications had a 45 per cent rate of unemployment when women with no educational qualifications had a 44 per cent rate.


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