Asa Wright Nature Centre, Trinidad Eco-Tourism Geogrpahy

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  • Eco-tourism - Asa Wright Nature Centre, Trinidad
    • Introduction
      • MIC country
      • Built in 1967
      • Ecotourism
      • Non-profit trust which bought a plantation esate of 78 hectres
    • Location
      • Trinidad is in the West Indies
      • Asa Wright is in the Upper Arima Valley, Northan Trinidad in a rainforest area
    • Aims
      • Allows clear areas of land to go back to rainforest
      • Conserve and protect this part of the Arima valley and its wildlife
      • Promote public awareness of the value of the rainforest and its wildlife
      • Provide accomodation for visitors
    • Eco/Sustainible Tourism examples
      • Benifits community
        • Staff can live in the Arima Valley
        • Staff members are helped by providing training and intrerest free loans for buildings and renovating homes
      • Benifits Environment
        • Only 10% of the estate is accessible to tourists
        • Small scale venture
        • onsite recycling of refuse and waste water
        • Much of food served is either grown on the estaate or grown locally


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