Ecotourism: Asa Wright Centre

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  • Ecotourism: Asa Wright Centre (Trinidad, South America)
    • Ecotourism: Tourism that aims to be sustainable.
    • Main purpose of the project was to generate income from tourism to finance the transformation of the plantation back into natural forest.
    • A 78 hectare plantation was purchased in 1967 and transformed into an ecotourism resort.
    • Only 24 chalets were built to limit the resort's impact on the environment.
      • This meant that only 2000 visitors could stay at the resort each year, enough to finance the recovery programme without further damaging the forest.
    • Most of the staff employed have come from local villages and have been provided with good quality training.
      • Workers at the complex are also offered interest-free loans which can be used to renovate and improve their homes as long as their plans contribute to the sustainable targets of the resort.
    • The resort has tried to limit its environmental impact with a number of recycling projects, both waste and water are recycled (and re-used) on-site.
    • Only 10% of the recovering forest is open to tourists, the rest is left undisturbed. in the tourist zone clearly marked footpaths, regular information boards and guided walks have been introduced to help control the actions of visitors and limit their impact on the forest.


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