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St. Lucia is
situated in the
Sea slightly
north of
Trinidad and
Tobago. The
population of
St. Lucia was
160,267 in
2009 and the
capital city is
Castries. St.
Lucia is a
British colony
and the Prime
Minister is
Stephenson King.

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Tourism in St. Lucia
350,000 people visit St. Lucia each year. The main
attractions for tourists are the beaches which are
relatively unspoilt and in good condition as well as the
frequent tropical weather and magnificent scenery.
Second to the banana trade, tourism is St. Lucia's most

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two rare volcanic plugs are a World Heritage Site and
are famously impressive.

St. Lucia houses

attractive towns such as
its capital, Castries (right), and also Soufrière, Marigot
Bay and Gros Islet. These make comfortable locations
for tourists to visit or stay at.

St. Lucia is home to a…

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an alternative to the classic beach holiday. Adventurous
tourists can also explore the rainforest, partake in water
sports such as surfing and sailing, and visit the coral
reefs on snorkelling tours. The St. Lucia Jazz Festival
and Rum Festival are popular events.

in St. Lucia
St. Lucia is moving…

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