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Restless Earth Geography Revision

Plate Boundaries:

Constructive: Plates move apart in opposite directions
away from each other. Produces gentle earthqukes and
frequent volcanic eruptions of basic lava which forms
new land. Example: Iceland.

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Ocean Trenches are formed when two oceanic plates collide. The less dense of the two plates will ride
over the edge of the older plate which results in the older plate bending downwards. This is how the trench
is formed.

People use Fold Mountains for farming, tourism and forestry. In…

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Abandonment of the capital city.
The British government gave money for compensation and redevelopment.
Unemployment rose due to the collapse of the tourist industry.

Long-term responses and results
An exclusion zone was set up in the volcanic region.
A volcanic observatory was built to monitor the volcano.
New roads…

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Earthquake energy is released in seismic waves. These waves spread out from the focus. The
waves are felt most strongly at the epicentre, becoming less strong as they travel further away.
The most severe damage caused by an earthquake will happen close to the epicentre.

Social impacts Economic impacts Environmental…

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Sichuan Earthquake, China 2008 (LEDC)

The 2008 Sichuan Earthquake (pronounced Sitch-Wan) registered 8.0 on the Richter Scale. Sichuan is
in a densely populated area of central China. The focus of the earthquake was 19km deep, directly over
Wenchuan where the epicentre of the earthquake was. Shockwaves were felt as far…

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Main impacts
A quarter of a million people died.
Two million people were made homeless.
People were swept away in the waters, which arrived rapidly and with little warning.
Thirteen countries were affected, the worst being Indonesia.
Indonesia was hit by the tsunami first. Fourty-five minutes later the tsunami reached…


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